Monday, February 21, 2011

Wait A Minute!

Okay, I recently published my B-Listers.  And, yet, I have just read two books from authors on that list that were darn good.  The first is from Michael Palmer.  It's called A Heartbeat Away, and it is A-List material.  It begins with the president giving his state of the union address at the start of his second term.  An extremely virile biochemical is released by terrorists in the same room as the president and 700 other people.  The president, who knows what it is, immediately shuts off the capitol building and doesn't let anybody in or out.  It's up to a biologist, who is currently serving a sentence in a maximum prison across the countr, to save the president and the others.  It is really exciting with great characters, both heroes and villains.  I strongly recommend it - to everybody.

The second is from Dean Koontz.  He's written almost 50 novels, and, as I mentioned in the other blog, some of his early stuff was definitely A-List material.  It's probably been 40 books ago that he wrote something that belonged on the A-List.  This new one is close.  It's not as good as the very early stuff, but it's better than most of the other 40 that's followed.  I won't go into the story line because you either like horror or you don't.  If you do, then it's not so critical as to what the exact plot it.  Suffice it to say that I was definitely rapt reading it.  That says a lot because my "raptness" is often in question.  If this makes any difference, and it may or may not, Josh is reading it now and likes it a lot.

Although I'm not prepared to elevate Brad Meltzer's latest, The Inner Circle, to A-List stature, it's a good solid B+/A-.  It's definitely one of his better ones.  The protagonist/hero is an archivist in DC.  It's a very good story and gives some good insight into how the archives in Washington DC operate.  I recommend it to everybody.

That's it for any movement on the B-List.  A-Listers are coming soon.

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