Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Booksage - Coming Attractions

I've got what I hope will be some interesting blogs coming up in the next couple of months.  Here are previews:

1.  There will be an author interview series with at least 5 local authors.  They are:
     Jasmine Haynes
     Adina Senft
     Keith Raffel
     Hannah Jayne
     J.R. Silverberry

     I will interview all of them in the month of July (except for Jasmine, who(m?) I have already inter-
     viewed, kind of accidentally) and write posts for each one.  I will ask them the obvious questions -
     How/why did you start writing?  How did you get your first book published?  What's the state of
     digital books vs. paper and cardboard?  I would love to get suggestions for questions to ask these
     authors from all of you.

     I will be asking other local authors if they would like to participate too.  If I can get more, then I will
     post those blogs as well.  The more, the merrier, I say.

2.  I will post volume IV in the Fiction for the Non-Fiction Reader series (is it presumptuous to call this
     a series?).  There are just so many good books to recommend that it's time for another list.  This will
     happen in July.

3.  There are no guest bloggers for this week, but I will continue to post their blogs on Sundays as they
     trickle in.

4.  And, finally, I am woefully behind on reviews.  I've finished 8 books in recent weeks that I have yet
     to blog about.  My bad.  I'll get on that too.

That's it.  I will be increasing my blogging action in the coming months.  That's the good news.  What's the bad news you ask?  For some of you, it's the same as the good news!

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