Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Book Sage Becomes The Book Recommender

I've just made a deal with Recycle Bookstore in Campbell, and I couldn't be happier.  For 3 consecutive Sunday mornings, starting April 14, I will be taking up residence in the store from 11-12, recommending books to Recycle's customers.  The Farmers' Market goes from 9-1, and there should be a ton of people coming into the store.  I will be setting up a table and providing recommendations to anybody who is looking for suggestions on books to read or buy.  This is one of my dreams come true.

As passionate as I am about books and everything to do with books, I have always derived extra pleasure in recommending books to friends and family.  And when they let me know that they liked my recommendation, I get a little electrical jolt of satisfaction.  It's actually a visceral reaction for me.  I feel it in the gut.  Now, I'll actually have an opportunity to do this for total strangers.  The risk of disappointment if they don't like the book is greater, but the reward if they do will more than make up for it.

This 3-week experiment will end on Sunday, April 28.  If it goes well, then I will continue doing it on a weekly basis.  If it doesn't, then I will still have greatly enjoyed my 3 hours in the store.  And lest you think I'm doing this for altruistic reasons, I will be getting compensation - no, not money, but, hopefully, increased readership for my blog.  That would be enormously satisfying.


  1. Very nice, Lloyd! Things keep getting better and better for Book Sage!

    Best Wishes,

    Writing as AR Silverberry

  2. It's a great concept - and big props to the Recycle Bookstore for their willingness to try something new...

  3. Josh, thanks for that shout-out to Recycle. I was remiss for not mentioning the bookstore in my post.

  4. What a very cool thing to do! I wish you the best of luck! I still miss my days of working in a bookstore (and library to a lesser extent). I hope you have a blast.