Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pulp Fiction

4 or 5 Sundays, ago, I was doing my thing in front of Recycle Bookstore, and Alfred Jan came by.  Alfred edits and writes introductions for a number of pulp fiction books from the '20's, '30's, and '40's.  We got to talking, and I told Alfred that if he brought me some information, I would post it.  Well, he did, and I am.  The following is a list of old-timey books that Alfred has worked on.  The prevailing genres are mystery and detective.  I am including the author, the publisher, and the date.

Footprints on a Brain:  The Inspector Allhoff Stories
D.L. Champion
Adventure House, 2001

Killing Time and Other Stories
Joel Townsley Rogers
Ramble House, 2007

The Surgeon of Souls and Other Tales of Terror
Robert Leslie Bellem
Black Dog Books, 2009

The Best of Spicy Mystery, Vol. 1
multiple authors
Altus Press, 2012

A Gelett Burgess Sampler:  Ethics and Aesthetics
essays and short stories by a bohemian who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1890's
Surinam Turtle Press, 2012

You can order these books through Amazon or the publishers.  Make sure you include the titles and authors (or just the titles for the last 2).  Whether or not you like this old stuff, it's pretty cool to have someone working hard to bring it all back.  Nice going, Alfred.

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