Monday, December 15, 2014

Playing Doctor - No, I Didn't Make Up That Title

As you all know, I really like to read different genres.  So, when Kate Allure, through LinkedIn, asked me to read an ARC of her 1st book, Playing Doctor, how could I say no? And how did I know it was it going to be a very hot romance?  Just lucky...I mean, us bloggers have responsibilities, don't you think?

Actually, this is 3 stories in one book.  And all of them involve doctors.  In one story, the doctor is a woman, and in the other 2, the men are the doctors.  All 3 involve women who take control of their (sex) lives.  These are strong women who determine their own romantic fates.  But here's the interesting thing about all 3 stories - they are romances, and there are erotic love scenes.  But I wouldn't call them erotic romances.  I would say that they are somewhere in between.  Let's call them semi-erotic or half-erotic romances.

Another literary decision Kate made that I liked centers on the length of the stories.  I felt that they all ran their course.  They are approximately 100, 65, and 80 pages.  Just right. None of them, I believe, could have carried an entire book.  Despite that, I still cried 32 pages into the 3rd story; said "uh, oh," on page 60 of the 3rd story; and both smiled and cried at the end of the 3rd story.  I enjoyed all of the stories, but it's pretty interesting that only the 3rd one got emotional reactions from me.  Huh.  I never realized that until I wrote this paragraph.

You all know, of course, that I'm a big fan of Jasmine Haynes, who is my only true erotic romance author.  And I'm sure you remember my post of Jasmine's Past Midnight from 11/19/11.  As erotic as the book was, it still taught me a lesson on being a better husband to my wife of 45 years (at that time, I was married 40 years and had dated Joni for 5). And in this case, again, the erotic sex doesn't detract from the message.

Kate's book comes out this coming January 6.  I liked it a lot and recommend it.


  1. Thanks, Nicci. I'll be starting your book in the next day or two. I'm looking forward to it.