Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Bunch More Stuff!

Hi people.  There's just so much going on that I have to take a break from...something...and tell you what's happening.  Here's the news:

1.  I am super excited because just yesterday I learned that Greg Iles is coming to the Bay Area this weekend to promote the 2nd book in his trilogy.  The 1st one, Natchez Burning, was my top book of 2014.  This one is The Bone Tree.  He will be in our area Thursday-Saturday, with 5 appearances.  Joni and I are going Saturday night to Towne Center Books in Pleasanton (7:00).  Can't wait.

And more exciting news (which I just learned 5 minutes ago!) is that his 1st book in the trilogy is going to be a cable series, with Toby McGuire on the production team.  I know I won't miss that one.

2.  I was thrilled to learn that since 2009, independent bookstores have grown 27%.  There are now 440 more independent bookstores today than there were 6 years ago.  Isn't that great?

3.  Susan, one of our extremely loyal RBC members, has told me about an event coming up next Tuesday night at 7:00 at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View.  It's the author of a steampunk (do you remember what that is?) graphic novel called The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace & Babbage.  The author is Sydney Padua, and he will be in conversation with Ryan Germick, a Google guy.  I've never been to the museum.  Maybe I'll try to get out there.

4.  We've got our lineup ready for Independent Bookstore Day, this coming Saturday (May 2) from 11-7 at Recycle Books.  Here are the very talented authors who will be there:

11:00-1:00 - Betty Auchard (our June RBC author)
                     Christine Z. Mason (our April RBC author)
1:00-2:00   - Nicci Carerra
                     Kate Allure
                     Joy Brighton
1:30-3:30   - Jenn Castro
3:00-4:00   - Steve Sporleder
4:00-5:00   - C. Lee McKenzie
                     A.R. Silverberry (Peter Adler)
Ann Bridges is going to try and get there, if she can.

5.  Our 2nd event at Recycle this weekend is on Sunday.  Cassandra Mei-Fong Lee wrote and
illustrated a children's book - The Sun Dance.  She will be out in front of the store during the Farmer's Market, from about 9:30-12:30.  Come meet her and get a signed book.

6.  Last Thursday night, we had our April RBC meeting.  Christine Z. Mason, author of Boundaries: A Love Story, came to Recycle to talk about her book.  We had a good turnout and a lot of discussion!

7.  And, finally, tonight I had the chance to attend Books, Inc. 4th Tuesday Night Book Club. Never mind that very few people liked the book (Dep't. of Speculation by Jenny Offill).  It was great fun, and Margie Scott Tucker, who co-owns the Books, Inc. chain (with her husband), always does such a great job.

Margie is the one standing up in the back

That's it. 


  1. For the event at the Computer History Museum I have 2 notes of interest. Firstly, you need to register prior to the event. Here's the link, http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/. And secondly the author, Sydney Padua, is a 'she'. A brief bio of Sydney - SYDNEY PADUA is a graphic artist and animator. Her visual effects work includes both hand-drawn and computer-generated and appears in such films as The Iron Giant, Clash of the Titans, and John Carter. The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage has been featured on the BBC's Techlab, and in The Economist, The Times, and Wired UK. She is a Canadian living in London.

  2. I actually copied the link and forgot to include it. And I just flat-out messed up on the gender. Thanks for paying attention and correcting my faux pas.