Sunday, May 3, 2015

Greg Iles, Live and in Person!

Well, last night we went to see Greg Iles at Towne Center Books in downtown Pleasanton. This was my 1st visit to this bookstore.  It's small but very cool.  I had a chance to talk to the owner who said she bought it in 1998.  It definitely looks like a thriving bookstore.  And one of their employees actually entertained us before Greg came by reading us opening lines from a bunch of books.  We got to guess the book.  Fun idea.

But more importantly (maybe just equally important), I was thrilled to see Iles.  He's one of my favorite authors (I've read all of his books).  In fact, he, along with Harlan Coben, are my 2 favorite mystery/suspense/thriller writers.  In this case, though, Iles is promoting the 2nd book in his trilogy about KKK action in the South during the '60s and Penn Cage's involvement 40 years later.  I reviewed book 1, Natchez Burning, on September 29 and October 2 of last year (I actually needed 2 separate posts to do it justice).  And, furthermore, it was my top book of 2014.

Iles told us a bunch of really interesting stuff, including the details of his 2011 very serious car accident.  He was in a coma for 8 days(!) and lost one leg.  But he came out of it with a different view of life.  And a commitment to live it to its fullest.

2 really cool details came out during the discussion (he didn't make a presentation or read from #2, The Bone Tree; he just chatted and did an extended Q&A; nice).  One, Tom Cage, Penn Cage's father, is patterned after his own father; and what a great character he is.  And the 2nd fun fact is that Iles is a member of the band, Rock Bottom Remainders.  His fellow band members include a few names you might have heard before:  Stephen King, Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, and Scott Turow.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot Roger McGuinn, the lead singer for The Byrds!

I have been to hundreds of author events.  Other than Ken Follett (sorry, Greg - he's a literary god), seeing Greg Iles ranks right up there among my favorites.  It was a great event, and I'm really glad I got to see/hear/meet him.

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