Saturday, January 23, 2016

3 Links: 1. RBC w/Rayme Waters; 2. Paper brain vs. ereader brain; 3. Oprah's top cliffhanger endings

1.  This past Wednesday night, the 20th, Rayme Waters, came to Recycle Books as our RBC author for January.  Rayme wrote The Angels' Share, which I rated a 4/4.  You can see my review of it back on Dec. 11, 2012.

Rayme was a great combination of enthusiasm and forthrightness and information.  One of the things we enjoy so much about having authors come to our book club is the back story. And Rayme provided plenty of that.  We all really enjoyed having her there.

2.  This is an article from the field of neuroscience about the difference between reading a book in paper verses one on an ereader.

If you've given up on reading paper books for the ease of your e-reader's screen, you may want to step back a bit. Neuroscience confirms that our brains use…

3.  Do you want to know what Oprah's top cliffhangers are over the last 15 years?  No?  Well here they are anyway.  There are 17 of them.


  1. Hm. I've read 4 of Oprah's books and agree with the choices. Makes me think I should read the rest!

    1. I've also read 4. And I've liked 3 of them. Wasn't crazy about The Girl on the Train. I know it's going to be a movie, with Emily Blunt (I think).