Saturday, March 5, 2016

Some Very Short Reviews

I have a number of books lately that just haven't done anything for me.  One is a 2.25, one a 2.5, and one a 2.75.  And even the 2.75 I didn't really enjoy.  So I'm going to give you a sentence or two about each book, along with a picture of the book cover and the artist. That's it.

1.  Back on February 13, 2011 (less than a month after my very 1st blog post), I wrote a blog about B-Listers.  These are authors who always write readable, enjoyable books that rate somewhere between a 2.5-3.0.  Occasionally one will step up to 3.25.  One of those authors on that list is Phillip Margolin.  In this case, his latest, Violent Crimes, is on the weaker end of his voluminous play list of 20 books.  It's his 6th book about Amanda Jaffe, a veteran lawyer in Portland, OR (where most of his books take place, since that's where he lives and where he practices criminal law).  It was just okay.  2.5

2.  The Arrangement, by Ashley Warlick, is our March Books, Inc. (Palo Alto) 4th Tuesday Evening Book Club selection.  I was very excited when Margie assigned this book to us at the end of our last meeting (Feb. 23) because it's about MFK Fisher.  Even though I didn't know who that was, she evidently was a very famous food critic back in the 30s and onward (she passed away in 1992).  Unfortunately, by the time I finished the book I realized that my hopes had been dashed.  The book only talks about her writing in conjunction with the story about her husbands (yes, it's plural, but, no, it's not polygamy).  No offense, but shouldn't a book about a world-famous food critic talk about her food-critiquing?  2.25

3.  Earlier this week I blogged about seeing Emmi Itaranta at the Los Gatos Library last Saturday.  And I told you that I learned a lot about her and found her to be very interesting. But her book, Memory of Water, didn't really do it for me.  I've already told you that I gave it a 2.75/4.  It's a dystopian novel that takes place about 400-500 years (per the author) from now.  It's all about a severe world-wide shortage of water.  I gave it a 2.75 because it's well-written.  Otherwise, it would have been a 2.5.  And let me also remind you that I know quite a few people who really liked it (including Stacy at Recycle Books).  You are forewarned and forearmed.

I am hopeful that my next review(s) will be a bit more positive than these 3!


  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy the books more!

    1. I really don't mind. 2 of the books are for 2 different book clubs. And the 3rd, Violent Crimes, came as an ARC. I enjoy reading a variety of books, even if they don't always work out that well.

  2. Well darn. I've got Violent Crimes on audio as a review book. Hope it works for me.