Monday, June 6, 2016

Just finished Archer's The Clifton Chronicles #6 - 1 More to Go (supposedly)

You know that when I'm reading a series, I don't have much of a review from one book to the next.  I mean, after all, every book is the same thing.  WRONG!  I actually have a fair amount to say about Cometh the Hour.  As you all know, I read 4 and 5 last year and gave both of them 4/4.  Well, I am here to say that CtH also gets a 4/4.  I can't believe how Archer can make us care so much about almost all of these characters.  And in this one, a very precocious 10-year old provides us with a bunch of humor.  It's very funny to have a character, even a young one, speak in American colloquialisms when the author is most decidedly British.  But Archer carries it off.

I think the best way to review this is to quote my notes.  And these are my exact written words, in the order that I wrote them:

1.    Great scene with Today (that's The Today Show)
2.    Tears
3.    LOVE the characters maybe more than Silva - 1 of my favorites EVER
4.    big gasp, more into it than I expected
5.    Maisie - I nodded my head
6.    Very nervous
7.    reunion - loved it - totally fooled
8.    OMG! twist
9.    glad they're on to Karin
10.  like all the characters, even the bad ones
11.  Noooo! Are you kidding me?
12.  cool twist
13.  love Emma stories
14.  chills/tears
15.  many tears
16.  chills/tears - rolling down my cheeks onto my shirt
17.  Jessica - a crack-up
18.  American humor w/Jessica nice change of pace
19.  "Holy Mackerel!" "Whoa" "Wow"
20.  great idea - underline last 2 words of paragraph so you know where you are after you look up (this refers to a big speech given by one of the main characters)

That's it.


  1. I love that you take notes - do you write them in the margins?

    1. Nope. It's on a separate piece of paper. And I obviously do it for self-preservation. With my memory, I'm afraid I won't know what to write after I finish a book!