Wednesday, January 18, 2017


This month is the 3-year anniversary of our book club, the RBC.  Yep, in January of 2014 we had our 1st book club meeting.  And the author on January 7, 2014 was Michael David Lukas.  The book we read back then was The Oracle of Stamboul.  Tonight, on our anniversary, we had...Michael David Lukas.  And the book?  You guessed it - The Oracle of Stamboul.  The good news is that Michael is only about a year away from the publication of book #2.  Michael, we are anxiously awaiting it.

We had a big crowd tonight, even though the weather was abysmal.  We actually had 20 people there (not counting my grandkids, Haley and Ryan, who were roaming the shelves of Recycle Books).  And of those, 15 had read the book.  The combined rating score is one of the highest we have had in our 3 years.  And big kudos to Michael David Lukas, who braved the nasty weather to drive all the way to Campbell from Berkeley.  Definitely not a pleasant drive.  Thanks Michael.

Here are a few pictures from tonight:


  1. Wow, y'all were packed in there! Sounds like a great event!

    1. 20 is about 2 shy of maximum capacity. It sure is fun, though, to fill up the space.