Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okay, it's time for everybody's all-timers.  Okay, it's only 8 of us, but here they are:

Dennis - Clavell - Tai Pan, Michener - Centennial, Irving - Cider House Rules and Son of a Circus
John - Larsson - Tattoo trilogy, Bryson - Short History of Almost Everything
Jen - Devereaux - The Summer House, Hosseini - One Thousand Splendid Suns
Jolene - Conroy - Prince of Tides, James Lee Burke, Robert Ludlum, James Clavell, Elizabeth Lowell
Paul - Courtenay - Power of One, Roy Lewis -Evolution Man or How I Ate My Father, Edward O.
          Wilson - Consilience, The Unity of Knowledge
Joni - Follett - Pillars of the Earth, Wallace - The Plot, Conroy - Prince of Tides, Archer - Kane and Abel,
          Martin - Back Bay
Lloyd - Follett - Pillars of the Earth, Clavell - Shogun, Michener - The Source

Tomorrow night:  Picoult in San Rafael.  Can't wait!

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