Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello book fans,

We're running a contest starting immediately and going through the end of the month.  The prize is a $50 gift certificate to either Amazon or to a specific bookstore in your area.  This will take care of the winner whether he or she reads real books or digital ones.

What is the contest, you ask?  We want you to convince us that you are the most avid reader of the bunch.  For example, I read in the dentist's chair, even if I've got a hardcover (rough on the arms).  In fact, during my examinations I root for a 2-hour root canal!  Another example is that I read during certain medical procedures that do not normally lend themselves to reading time.  THAT is an addiction!

Here are the rules:

1.  You have to either join The Book Sage ("Join this site") or "Get Automatic Email Notifications" on all future blog posts.
2.  You have to give your answer as a comment on this blog.

That's it.  C'est tout.  We encourage you to be creative.  Feel free to attach photos and/or videos, or a link to the same.  The judging panel will consist of the team at Book Sage.  Good luck.


  1. A great contest, Lloyd! I'll put the word out on my Facebook and Twitter, too!

    As for my addition, I read while I take my daily walks, cleaning the house, cooking dinner (better get started on that!), driving, in the bath with a glass of champagne and some chocolate, working in the garden. Hmm, maybe that's why I got stung by the wasp today, I was listening to an audiobook (The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo, a Norwegian author), and didn't hear the wasps buzzing around me after I disturbed their nest!

    But do audiobooks count as reading?

  2. I read while I'm cooking, when I'm standing in line for the bus and while watching TV. As a child I used to read while walking home from school.

  3. I can't resist $50 to spend on books!

    I read about five books a week (250+ a year) so I will pretty much read anywhere, anytime: while in labour (between contractions); while filling up my car at the petrol pump (it has 2 tanks and it takes a while); while swimming; at school I used to prop my textbook up on my desk with another book inside and I'd be reading while the teacher droned on about something as unimportant as algebra; instead of sleeping. LOL


  4. Wish I was able to provide a winnable answer :) I can't beat these folks :)

    1. I thought I was doing pretty well. But I think I'm out of my depth too.

  5. Well I read everywhere in the grocery store, bank, at work on every break lunch even when I should be working. While taking a bath. At home when I should be sleep. While cooking, watering the yard. I mean I carry my nook everywhere I read getting a quick bite at the drive-thur. Read while getting pedicure.

  6. We have our winner - Shelleyrae aka bookdout. Let me know how you want that $50.00 gift certificate. I read a lot - 70-80 books per year - but I can't touch 250. Congratulations!