Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vince Flynn Passes Away at Age 47

It's a sad day in book world today.  Vince Flynn has passed away from prostate cancer at the age of 47.   He wrote 14 books, the last 13 of them about Mitch Rapp, a CIA man who epitomized the macho man government agent.  If you read Lee Child (Jack Reacher), Daniel Silva (Gabriel Allon), Alex Berenson (John Wells), or Steve Berry (Cotton Malone), then you would love Vince Flynn's books.  Flynn is definitely one of my very favorite authors and Mitch Rapp one of my very favorite fictional characters.  I will sorely miss both.


  1. A terrible loss to for the book world. So incredibly sad.

  2. So sad, I still haven't read one of his books, but one of our couple friends is a big, big fan.

  3. He really was a very good writer. His series was spot on. Mitch Rapp is one of my all-time favorite characters in fiction.