Thursday, July 3, 2014

1st Notice for Litquake 2014, JCC Palo Alto - August 17, 2:00-8:00

Well, Litquake is almost upon us again.  Last year was the 1st time that I really took advantage of the entire day.  And look what came out of it:

Tracy Guzeman, The Gravity of Birds.  Tracy has been to VHOB twice, including in April as our VHOB Book Club author for the month.

Amy Franklin-Willis, The Lost Saints of Tennessee.  Amy was our February VHOB Book Club author.  And in an informal survey before our discussion, 8 out of 9 people gave the book a 4 out of 4.

Ellen Kirschman (introduced to me by Sheldon Siegel), Burying Ben.  Ellen was at our store back in November.

Besides meeting Tracy, Amy, and Ellen for the 1st time, I also saw Sheldon, Keith Raffel, Michael Lavigne, and Ellen Sussman (who is our August VHOB Book Club author).

I think you would agree that that was quite a lineup.  So who is scheduled to come this year?  Well, there are a ton, including several VHOB author event alumni:

Ann Gelder, Bigfoot and the Baby (she was just at our store)
Nick Taylor, writing as T.T. Money, The Set Up Man (we saw Nick back in February)
Jan Harwood, The Raging Granny Mysteries
Joshua Safran, Free Spirit:  Growing Up on the Road and off the Grid (he'll be at VHOB in August)
Ellen Kirschman
Ellen Sussman
Keith Raffel

On top of our locals, there are also nationally prominent authors Marcia Clark (yes, she of O.J. fame) and Kelly Corrigan.  And there are more to come.  Stay tuned.

In 1 week, we've got our launch for Alina Sayre with her illustrator, Amalia Hillmann.  I reviewed Alina's YA fantasy, The Illuminator's Gift, in my blog - - June 2.  And I gave it very high praise.  So, come see Alina and Amalia.  The event is 6-8. And from 6-7, Alina will have a bunch of kids' activities, including face painting.  I think your kids/grandkids will enjoy themselves.  And so will you.

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