Saturday, July 19, 2014

And Then There Was Friday Night. And Another Launch. This Time, It Was Linda Gunther’s Turn.

Linda's event was the launching of her 2nd book, Endangered Witness.  The event was structured similarly to most of our other launches.  There was food and beverages and schmoozing from 6:30-7:00.  At 7:00, we took it inside.  The event itself was far from typical.  There were over 30 people there!  That’s pretty darn good.  

The presentation started as it usually does, with me introducing the author.  In this case, though, it took me forever.  She has done a million things.  Here are just a few of them:

-teacher of ESL (English as a 2nd language)
-executive in corporate human resources

She has also:

-studied French in Paris
-studied Italian and culture in Florence
-studied writing for screen and TV at UCLA
-been a photographer in Havana

See what I mean?

Then, finally, it was time for Linda to take center state.  And she performed admirably.  She talked about how she came to write both this book and her 1st one, Ten Steps from the Hotel Inglaterra.  The 1st one, in fact, was semi-autobiographical.  The new one, less so.

Linda combined some background in writing the book with reading a few passages.  Everybody was charmed by her presentation.  She did a great job, and VHOB will be very happy to host Linda when her next book comes out!  Take a look at a few pictures.

The schmooze half-hour

Linda is in front

Is Linda ready to grab that guy in front?

More of the same

This one is pretty obvious, I believe

A cool view from the back of the room


  1. This sounds like a wonderful event. Lynda has certainly done a lot in her life! :) Best of luck to her.

    1. It was great to have her at the store.