Monday, September 22, 2014

Recommendations from 2006

Many (some? a few? one?) of you know that I've been writing my blog since January 2011.  And you also know (maybe) that I started rating books at that time.  But what you probably didn't know is that I started to keep track of books and pages read way back in 2006.  I thought it would be fun to go back to the years before 2011 and give you a list of the books that I really liked.  I can't remember them all well enough to rate each one individually, but I can certainly list the ones that I enjoyed the most.  I read 76 books and 28,185 pages in 2006.  And here are the 27 listed in the order that I read them (with a little side note here and there):

W.E.B. Griffin - The Hostage - book 2 in the Presidential Agent series with Charlie Castillo.
Greg Iles - Blood Memory - the 1st of 6(!) Iles I read this year - obviously, this is when I
     became aware of him - and of the 6, 4 were murder/mystery/suspense novels, and 2
     were WWII-related - all very good
Jodi Picoult - Second Glance - I liked her then, and I like her now - 1st of 2 books from
     this year
Steve Berry - The Templar Legacy - book 1 out of 9 in the Cotton Malone series -
     suspense with history - good, fun books
Christopher Moore - Lamb - I stopped reading him a number of years ago now - but this
     was my favorite
Greg Iles - Mortal Fear
Harlan Coben - Promise Me - they're all good, Myron Bolitar or not
Jodi Picoult - Vanishing Acts
Dean Koontz - The Husband - I like all of his books, but not so much the Odd Thomas
Greg Iles - Spandau Phoenix
Daniel Silva - The Messenger - #6 of 14 in the Gabriel Allon series - probably my favorite
Greg Iles - Black Cross
Greg Iles - Turning Angel
Joel Rosenberg - The Copper Scroll - #4 of 5 in the Last Jihad series - very good -
     all with an interesting Middle East perspective
Deborah Wolf - With You and Without You - 1 of 2 that that she's written (I've read them
     both) - "women's fiction?" - perhaps
Alex Berenson - The Faithful Spy - book 1 in the John Wells series - very creative premise
     - Wells, a CIA operative, has spent 10 years undercover with Al Qaeda when book 1
Brad Meltzer - Book of Fate - I'm not a huge fan, but this is a good one
Christopher Reich - The Patriots Club - the 1st one of his that I read - really liked his
     accountant-as-hero standalones - not so much his series with Jonathan Ransom
Vince Flynn - Act of Treason - #9 in the Mitch Rapp series (#1 & #2 were prequels written
     in 2010 and 2012 respectively) - Flynn died at the ridiculously young age of 47
David Baldacci - The Collectors - #2 in the Camel Club series, which I really liked a lot
Barry Eisler - Rain Fall - #1 in the John Rain series - 1/2 Japanese-1/2 American assassin
Nicholas Sparks - Dear John - I'm a sucker for Sparks' sappy books - my 1st was The
Lolly Winston - Happiness, Sold Separately - 1 of only 2 books Lolly has written so far -
     another "women's fiction" selection
Nelson DeMille - Wild Fire - the 4th in the John Corey series - not my favorite DeMille
     books (loved Charm School) but still better than most everybody else
Lolly Winston - Good Grief
Michael Crichton - Next - the last one published while he was still alive
Greg Iles - True Evil

SERIES NOTE:  I just saw that Emily Bestler, who was Vince Flynn's only publisher, has signed a 3-book deal with author Kyle Mills to continue the Mitch Rapp series.  The next book will come out in 2015.


  1. I've read several of those authors but the only book on your list is The Husband.

    1. Isn't it crazy that we both read so many books and, yet, only overlap on occasion? It's just mind-blowing how many books there are to choose from.

  2. I was surprised to see that I've read a good many books on your list, but I've not ready anything by Greg Iles, and I guess I'd better change that fact.

    1. Indeed you do. I'm over half-way done with his latest, Natchez Burning. It's outstanding. Evidently, he went about 5 years without publishing a novel because of an accident of some kind. This is his first one since then. He got some great cover blurbs from Stephen King, Scott Turow, and Jodi Picoult.