Sunday, November 30, 2014

Series - Redux

It has been over 3.5 years since my last post about series.  Here's what I wrote back in 2011:

3/11 - series that I liked that have ended
4/5 - series that I like that have not ended

Are there still any series that I'm reading?  Actually, quite a few.  Some are from the 4/5/11 list, and some started after that post.  Here they are:

Ken Follett - The Century Trilogy - great series, with #3 (which I haven't read) out since September

Jeffrey Archer - The Clifton Chronicles - book 4, Be Careful what You Wish for - came out earlier this year - 1st 3 books were terrific

Terry Brooks - Landover - a fantasy series that I really like - 6 so far, with a 7th (I just found out) coming in 2015

Daniel Silva - Gabriel Allon - Silva puts one out every year, and I make sure to read it - he's at least as good, if not better, with each new one

Greg Iles - published book 1 of a new trilogy a few months ago - with his Natchez, Mississippi protagonist, Penn Cage - Natchez Burning is excellent

Sheldon Siegel - Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez legal thrillers - he's written 7 and will have #8 in 2015

Sheldon Siegel - book #1 of the Detective David Gold (based in Chicago, Sheldon's birth city - he lives in the Bay Area now) series - 1st book is The Terrorist Next Door - really enjoyed it

Dan Brown - I haven't read #4, Inferno, yet, but it's in my TBR pile - I liked the 1st 3 a lot

James Grippando - Jack Swytek - there have been 11 so far, and they're all entertaining

David Rosenfelt - Andy Carpenter - 13 to date - always enjoy them - see Grippando above

W.E.B. Griffin - Presidential Agent, Charley Castillo - he's done 8, and I'm waiting for #9 - except that he has started a new series, Clandestine Operations, with The Assassination Option #1 - I haven't read that one yet but expect I will

Sam Eastland - Inspector Pekkala - I've only read 3 of the 5 - I have to get on that one

David Baldacci - really liked The Camel Club series - but one of his latest series, with government assassin Will Robie, is close - 3 so far

Alina Sayre - The Voyages of the Legend - fantasy series for middle graders (8-12) - book 2 is coming out in 2 days (December 1) - I've read them both - The Illuminator's Gift and The Illuminator's Test - and have loved them both

It's very possible that I've missed one or more series that I'm still reading.  We'll concede that possibility!  If you want any specific information on any of these, let me know (not that you can't find out on your own, of course).


  1. I used to keep up with several series. I've given up on some of them, like Stephanie Plum, and haven't been able to keep up with others.

  2. I never got started with Stephanie Plum. I do like series, but, as a blogger, we have books that we need to read. They definitely get in the way of reading only what we want to read!

  3. I was hoping to get caught up on more of my series reading this year, but have only done ok. Love to revisit beloved characters but I read so many now that it takes a lot for me to pick up a new one.

  4. It's really tough, isn't it? Between ARC's coming from publishers...or reading books because authors have asked you to...or reading something that another blogger (or bloggers) has raved's hard to get to the old stand-bys.