Friday, January 23, 2015

National Readathon Day - Saturday, January 24, 2015

This post is (shockingly) not about me.  I know.  You're stunned.  Well, get over it. Tomorrow is the 1st annual National Readathon Day, initiated by Penguin Randomhouse and lionized by the National Book Foundation.  Basically, they're asking that we all read from noon-4:00 Saturday afternoon, Jan. 24.  They prefer that you do it in some kind of community setting, but anywhere you go or stay is fine.

Recycle Bookstore has joined the fray.  They will be setting chairs out in front of the store that you can just plop your fanny in and grab/bring a book/ereader/audiobook.  From 12-4 you will be able to tune out the world around you (although people watching in downtown Campbell is kind of fun).  And have you seen the weather forecast for tomorrow?  How about mid-70's?  Gee, here's a thought - grab a beer, iced tea, frappuccino (or all 3), maybe a little lunch, and revel in a period of time that begs you to do nothing but read. Boy, that's a rough gig!

Is there a catch?  Absolutely not.  Will you be bombarded by sales vendors hawking their wares?  Nope.  BUT, if you want to help stamp out literacy, there are places online you can visit to make a donation.  Check out National Readathon Day, National Book Foundation, or  You can even go on Twitter and hashtag #timetoread.  Wouldn't it be great to not only do some guilt-free reading but also to contribute to an increase in literacy?  Don't we want everybody to enjoy reading as much as we do?

Donation or not; community reading or not; let's all spend some time tomorrow between 12-4 and remember how lucky we are to be able to read and how happy it makes us feel. Enjoy your reading.

This is my Sunday morning Book Sage set-up.  Imagine sitting there tomorrow from 12-4 just reading. Well, you probably won't get my king's chair, but there will at least be a chair for you to sit in.

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