Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recycle Book Club - and More

Well, it's been exactly 2 weeks since my last post (is that cheering I hear because I'm back?  Or because I was gone so long?  Be honest).  What have I have been doing these last 2 weeks?  Beats me.  Anyway, I've got some stuff to tell you about.

1.  This coming Saturday, Jan. 24th, is National Readathon Day.  It goes from 12-4, and it's nationwide.  At Recycle, what we're going to do is put chairs out in front of the store for anybody who wants to plop down and read.  Now that Ann has donated 20 chairs, we'll put a bunch out there.  Feel free to come and read for as long as you want (between 12-4, of course).  How often do we give ourselves permission, in the middle of the day, to just read?  Well, now you have a legitimate excuse.

2.  I ran a contest 2 weeks ago.  Anybody who made a comment on my Jan. 4 blog post was eligible to win one book from my 2014 list.  And the winner is...Bish Denham.  Go ahead and pick your book, Bish.  When you've decided which one you want, email me at and give me a mailing address.  Congratulations.

3.  We've got 2 more author events coming up this month at Recycle Books in Campbell:

a.  This coming Wed. night, the 21st, Alina Sayre, the author of the fantasy series The Voyages of the Legend will be the 1st middle-grade Recycle Book Club author.  I will meet with the kids (and any adults who happen to be there) from 6:30-7:00.  Each one will tell us how they liked the book and what rating they give it, from 1-4.  We will prepare some questions for Alina, who will show up at 7:00.  We will pepper - I mean ask - Alina questions for about 45 minutes, and then she'll sign books.  We'll be done by 8:00.  This is an experiment, but we hope that it's the 1st of many.

b.  Next Sunday, the 25th, from 9:30-12:30, Julie Dart will be out in front of Recycle during the Farmer's Market selling her book, Ellie Stands up to the Bully.  And for every book she sells, she will donate one to the Campbell School District.  Isn't that neat?

4.  This past Tuesday night, the 13th, the RBC had its monthly meeting.  Stuart Rojstaczer, author of The Mathematician's Shiva, graced the store (and its literary stacks).  He was very engaging.  And, on top of that, I found out the next day that he won the 2014 National Jewish Book Award for Outstanding Debut Fiction.  Congrats, Stuart.


  1. Lots of great bookish events. I'm eager to read The Mathematician's Shiva. Have a terrific week, Lloyd!