Thursday, December 17, 2015


We all know that Alex Haley wrote Roots.  And we all know that the mini-series is still one of the most-watched TV events of all time.  You may even know that Roots is in my top 12 all-time (what? you didn't know that?).  But Adam tells us a bunch of stuff that I bet you didn't know.

1.  Did you know that Haley became one of the most sought-after speakers in
the country?
2.  Did you know that Haley had to have bodyguards because he was so-well recognized
and approached everywhere he went?
3.  Did you know that Roots was published as non-fiction?  That it was supposed
to represent Haley's ancestors?
4.  Did you know that several lawsuits were filed against Haley, claiming that
his book was not historically accurate?
5.  Did you know that Haley had a legal battle with his publisher, Doubleday?
6.  Did you know that Haley died from a heart attack at the young age of 71?
7.  Did you know that Adam Henig is a local author?

Adam's book is very short.  It's only 60 pages (with big print!).  But he packs a lot of very interesting info into a small book.  In fact, my 7 questions only scratch the surface of the factoids that Adam gives us.  It's definitely worth reading.  There's a lot more going on than just a very highly rated TV show and blockbuster book sales.

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