Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Get My Own Shelves!

Okay, you have all seen (ad nauseum) my recommendation table at Recycle Books in Campbell.

But something you have NOT seen yet is my own bookshelves inside the store.  Yep, Stacy decided to give me 8 shelves in the back left hand corner so that (I think) I would leave her alone about where I could store my rec table books for Sundays!  Actually, I think it's really cool that she gave me that space.  Here's how it looks:

So I've got the bottom 3 on the left and all 5 on the right.  And do you notice that the shelves are marked with The Book Sage.  Do you know how I got that name?  Here are the most common answers:

1.  Stacy at Recycle Books
2.  The West Coast sales rep from Random House
3.  The President of the RWA (Romance Writers of America)
4.  Margie, the co-owner of the Books, Inc. chain
5.  President Barak Obama
6.  None of the Above

Which one do you think it is?  The answer is (drum roll, please) - #6, None of the Above. That's right, I named myself The Book Sage.  Regardless of how it came to be, though, I am really happy and proud to have my own place in the book store.  Next time you're in Recycle, take a look at my shelves.  I'll bet you see a bunch of books that you've all read.


  1. The Book Sage is the perfect name for you! I love that you have your own shelves - I would certainly peruse them if I made it to that store.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I appreciate that. It really is very exciting for me!

  2. It's so neat that you now have your own shelves!

  3. This is so great, Lloyd. Love that you have your own shelves! I agree with Kathy, The Book Sage is the perfect name for you. And thanks a million for having my books on your special shelves. It means more than you know!

  4. As long as I have a recommendation table and/or some shelves, your 2 (or more?) will be a part of the group.