Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ann Bridges' 2nd Novel, Rare Mettle, Is a Hot Topic for Current Events

On March 11 of this year, I wrote a review of Ann Bridges' Rare Mettle.  It's a fictionalized account of a very non-fictionalized current event.  The fact is that China owns 97% of rare metals that are used in a whole bunch of digital devices - the iPhone, for example!  Well, as you can see from Ann's post today, this whole situation is hitting the news.  Take a look.  And if you want to hear about it straight from the author's mouth, then get over to Books, Inc. in Mt. View next Thursday, May 26th, at 7:00.  That's the date/time/location of Ann's official launch of Rare Mettle, her 2nd book, following her debut novel, Private Offerings.  I guarantee you will find the author and the subject matter  fascinating.

Many of you have actively supported my efforts to bring a little known topic to light through my novels, that of our region's and country's reliance on China's supply of rare earth metals and the potential impact on our economy and national security. No matter your opinion on the broad geopolitical issue or the range of possible solutions, not talking about it creates even greater risks. Fiction has often been used to kick-start change in attitudes and policies. Remember To Kill a Mockingbird? The Kite-Runner?
I would appreciate it if you would reach out and respond in some way to today's San Jose Mercury News column (link below), and make your perspective known on what we need to do to take corrective actions for a sustainable future. No need to be a expert--simply saying you are concerned is enough to let Silicon Valley leaders know they can no longer avoid the discussion, and respond appropriately.
Well respected columnist Scott Herhold did his research, and understands the basic issue of over-reliance on China and its potential repercussions; the brain-drain to China; the over-emphasis on the E in STEM (including telling young women that coding game apps makes them "scientists"), not the S; and our dwindling resources.
Use any and all social media, email him, call him, write a Letter to the Editor, use this with any Silicon Valley or global contacts you want who might want to join in with the discussion, forward this email on. If we can raise awareness here, it will have positive global repercussions. 
Thanks, and let's grab this opportunity. Rare Mettle only has one release date--today.
Ann Bridges
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