Monday, May 2, 2016

The Final 2 Book Events from Last Week (yep, 5 total)

So besides the Books, Inc. 4th Tuesday Evening Book Club, Marty Brounstein at the JCC on Wednesday, and the RBC with Vanessa Diffenbaugh on Thursday, I also had Saturday and Sunday events.  5 BOOK EVENTS IN 6 DAYS!  Did I have a great week, or what?

Saturday was Independent Bookstore Day.  I had a chance to stop in at Towne Center Books in Pleasanton.  The timing was such (accidentally) that I got to enter a raffle and actually won a book!  I took Melanie Benjamin's The Swans of 5th Avenue.  Besides drawings every 15 minutes, there was food and beverages (some of an adult nature!). Here are some pictures of the bookstore.  The woman in picture #2 is the owner of the store, Judy Wheeler.  Let's not forget that I saw both Greg Iles and JoJo Moyes thanks to Judy and her staff.

And then there was Sunday out in front of Recycle Books during the Farmers Market.  It was a GREAT day.  Here were the highlights:

1.  It was a gorgeous sunny day - no long-sleeved shirt or jacket necessary.
2.  I saw a bunch of my regulars - Diana, Nancy, Alfred, Susan, and Art & Angie.  Author Killian McRae even stopped by with her daughter Ilara.
3.  I sold 4 books - City of Thieves (David Benioff), Iron House and The Last Child (John Hart), and The Language of Flowers (you guessed it - Vanessa Diffenbaugh).  
4.  I had 2 people stop by to tell me how much they liked my earlier recommendations.  One of them bought 3 of the 4 books that left the table.  I'm not embarrassed to say that those kinds of comments do stoke my ego.
5.  I got a couple of recommendations - The Passenger by Lisa Lutz and Let's Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell.

Here's a picture of my table.  Go ahead and count them, if you want to.  There are 70 books there! 


  1. Wow, what a great week for you. Carl was out of town so I had to work all day Saturday and missed Independent Bookstore Day. :(

    1. I can now openly admit that we had a dinner reservation at 6:30 to meet some friends about 40 minutes from where we live. The restaurant is 1 block from Towne Center Books. That made it easy for me to visit. Otherwise, I might have missed IBD too!

  2. I have good intentions for IBD but we were busy all day.