Wednesday, September 14, 2016


1st of all, I don't know why my blog periodically re-publishes old posts. It happens every month or so, and I don't have a clue as to why it is happening.

Now, on to last night's RBC author.  Rachael Herron's The Ones Who Matter Most was very well-received by our members.  But besides that, we also learned a whole bunch of stuff about Rachael's background and about the book industry in general.  I'm just going to give you a list of the highlights:

1.    Rachael has published 14 books since 2010.
2.    She writes 3,000 words a day which is the equivalent of about 12 pages.
3.    She is considered a hybrid author because she has self-published some books and is traditionally published for others.
4.    Authors make about 70% of the cover price on each self-published book and about 8% on the others.
5.    Rachael worked 17 years as a 911 operator (she had some very interesting stories to tell) and finally was able to write full-time as recently as April of this year.
6.    Romances have always had to end happily ever after.  Now, it's okay to end happily for now.
7.    1980 was the 1st year that romantic heroines could have sex without being married.  Doesn't 1980 seem pretty recent?
8.    49% of all books are romances.
9.    The 1st ebooks were romances, and, consequently, the 1st ebook owners were romance readers.
10.  We learned a new term - mis lit.  It refers to books in which some tragedy takes place.  Both of Rachael's that I have read - The Ones Who Matter Most and Pack Up the Moon - are considered mis lit.  Who knew?

RBC AUTHOR NEWS:  I have some very cool news about one of our RBC authors.  Marina Adair, who is a romance writer, was our RBC author in May.  We read book 1 of her Sugar, Georgia series.  But she has also written a series that takes place in Napa.  It's called the St. Helena Vineyard series.  Book 3, Autumn in the Vineyard, has been made into a TV movie that will be telecast on the Hallmark network on October 8 at 9:00.  And this is right on the heels of Queen Sugar.  Great stuff.

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