Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Recap of the RBC for 2016

Last week we had our 12th, and last, RBC meeting for the year.  Once again, we had a variety of genres, which our members continue to want. We even had a special event that took us to a different venue - the 1st and only time, to date, that we have done that.  Here is the list, in order, and the genre their books represented:

January - The Angels' Share, Rayme Waters (literary fiction)
February - The Right Wrong Thing, Ellen Kirschman (police fiction)
March - Murder on the Champ du Mars, Cara Black (mystery/suspense/thriller)
April - The Language of Flowers, Vanessa Diffenbaugh (literary fiction, top 12 all-time)
May - A Taste of Sugar, Marina Adair (romance)
June - Mulberry, Paulette Boudreaux (literary fiction)
July - The Goodbye Year, Toni Piccinini (memoir)
August - The Ones Who Matter Most, Rachael Herron (literary fiction, mis lit)
September - Ice Shear, M.P. Cooley (mystery/suspense/thriller)
October - Under One Roof, Adam Henig (history, biography)
November - Alabama Blue, Toni Pacini (memoir)
December - Mending Heartstrings, Alia Glazki (romance)

As I'm looking over the list, we actually don't have as many different genres as I thought we had.  Besides memoir(2), literary fiction(4), and mystery(3), we had 2 romances and 1 history/biography.  I guess 5 genres is not bad.

Our biggest night was in April.  Normally, we get anywhere from 12-20 members for an RBC event.  And 20-22 is about all we can squeeze in at Recycle Books.  With Vanessa Diffenbaugh coming in April for her highly acclaimed book, The Language of Flowers, we thought we might need a bigger venue.  So we went down the street to Orchard Valley Coffee to see if they accommodate us.  Fortunately they said yes.  And we ended up with 45 people there!  Yep.  It was a fantastic crowd.  And Vanessa wowed 'em.  A very cool evening.

But the other 11 months were also way fun.  We got a lot of new RBC members this year and, along with our regulars, we had good crowds for our authors to meet.  I also want to give a shout-out to our October author.  Adam Henig pinch-hit for Katie Hafner (Mother Daughter Me) who was originally scheduled to appear.  She had a family situation that took her out of the mix for the time being.  Hopefully, we'll get her back in 2017.

And speaking of 2017, what does it look like?  Well, we've already got 6 booked!  Here they are with dates and genres:

January - The Oracle of Stamboul, Michael David Lukas (literary fiction)
February - The Scribe, Elizabeth Hunter (urban fantasy/paranormal)
March - A Killing at Cotton Hill, Terry Shames (mystery/suspense/thriller)
April - If You Are There, Susan Sherman (historical fiction)
June - The Illuminator's Gift, Alina Sayre (YA fantasy)
August - Pure and Sinful, Killian McRae (urban fantasy/paranormal)

Pretty good lineup so far, yes?  See you all next year.

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