Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is a list of 17 biography/memoir/historical fiction out of 77 books for 2016.  That might be my highest percentage yet.  And 7 of the authors are local (L).  Here they are:

Kate Larson - Rosemary:  The Hidden Kennedy Daughter - Books, Inc. 4th Tuesday Book Club
Jean Sasson - Princess:  A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia (growing up as a female royal in 1960s Saudi house
Adam Henig (L) - Under One Roof - the desegregation of major league baseball Spring Training in the early 60s
Marty Brounstein (L) - Two Among the Righteous Few - non-Jews hiding Jews in WWII
David McCullough - The Wright Brothers - great biography

Ruchi Rai (L) - A Conscious Peace - thoughts following a serious accident
Kate Walter - Looking for a Kiss - the ups and downs of finding love in NYC
Lucy Feltham (L) - Alphabet Britain - this one's not available for sale yet
Toni Pacini - Alabama Blue - a very rough childhood (emphasize "rough")
Nate Jackson - Fantasy Man - 2nd memoir by the ex-NFLer/ex-San Jose resident
Hassan El-Tayyab (L) - Composing Temple Sunrise - finding meaning at Burning Man
Kelly Corrigan (L) - Glitter and Glue - Kelly and her mom
Paul Kalanithi - When Breath becomes Air - published posthumously
Margaret Zhao (L)/Kathleen Martens - Really Enough - the fall of the privileged in Communist China

Historical Fiction:
Ruta Sepetys - Salt to the Sea - YA
Ruta Sepetys - Between Shades of Gray - YA

Don't Know What to Call This:
Tony Schwartz/Donald Trump - The Art of the Deal - written by Tony in Donald's voice in 1987

I have recently discovered what Follett's next book is about - It's a sequel to Pillars of the Earth and World without End!  How great is that? It's called A Column of Fire, and it comes out next September.  It takes place in 16th century England.  Because of attempts on Queen Elizabeth I's life, this chronicles the beginning of the secret service.  CAN'T WAIT!


  1. I've had When Breath becomes Air on my tbr list for a while. I plan on reading it in 2017.

  2. I see several books I want to read on that list.

    1. Every end-of-year list I see has books in it that I want to read. It's a bit overwhelming!

  3. I'm hoping to read more bios this year! When Breath Becomes Air is a must.