Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2 More Author Events - Back-to-Back! Way Cool!

Tonight Joni and I got to go to Ellen Kirschman's launch of her 3rd Dot Meyerhof novel, at Books, Inc. Palo Alto.  We try never to miss one of Ellen's launches.  She's just so darn engaging.  If she can keep me awake for a solid hour, in the evening, then, believe me, she is exceptionally engaging!

She told us a bunch of interesting things, too:
1.  Dot is named after her mother, and Meyerhof after her grandmother.
2.  She wrote 3 non-fictions before she started the DM series.  She said that fiction is way harder to write than non-.
3.  Police officers are 2x more likely to commit suicide than to be killed in the line of duty.
4.  The cover of her latest book, The Fifth Reflection, shows a camera. This is an homage to her husband, Steve, who is a professional photographer.
5.  There are 75,000 (yes, thousand) people world-wide who are on a child pornography site at any one time.  Is that completely whacko?
6.  The title of the book refers to the 5th of 5 daily Buddhist practices.
7.  My favorite moment of the night was when Ellen said that when she wrote her dissertation, it was a cross between Sigmund Freud and Mickey Spillane.

Great night!

Ellen is in conversation with Ann Gelder, author of Bigfoot and the Baby

And, then, last night, at Recycle Bookstore, Rich Amooi came to the RBC. Rich was our 1st romantic comedy author.  He was a big hit with our members.

The person on the left, closest to the camera, is Silvi Martin, Rich's wife, and a published author in her own right.