Friday, July 21, 2017

Daniel Silva - In Person!

My favorite live author event of all time was seeing Ken Follett quite a few years ago.  I mean, this guy is a literary god.  In the next group just below him is Daniel Silva.  I've seen him once before, also a number of years ago.  But when I had a chance to see him at the JCC in Palo Alto this week, I couldn't pass it up.  Silva has written 20 books, and I've read all but the latest.  His very 1st one, The Unlikely Spy, is still my favorite. And that one sits on my rec table on Sunday mornings.  He wrote 2 more after TUS and then started writing about Gabriel Allon.  And his latest in that series is number 17.  I will be getting to it in the very near future.

Let me give you a few highlights from the event:

1.  Gabriel Allon will be coming to TV in the next couple of years.  MGM actually bought a TV network just to be able to air this series.  Pretty cool, don't you think?
2.  Silva calls his books "dark beach reads."
3.  He writes the story and plot first, then the location.
4.  Gabriel Allon is a creation of Silva's imagination and is not based on any real people.
5.  He mentioned 2 TV shows that he watches that Joni and I also watch - Billions and The Affair.
6.  Silva was in conversation with Anne Elise Kornblut, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.
7.  Finally, his wife is Jamie Gangel, who is a CNN Special Correspondent. She insisted that Trump would lose the election.  And Silva was equally insistent that he would win.  We see who was right.

Silva and Kornblut

Signing books

Do you think Silva has a lot of fans much?


  1. I heard Silva interviewed on radio a few years ago and he was quite engaging so I understand why he'd have crowds at his live events. I'll check to see if he's coming to the metro area near me.

    1. If you get a chance to see him, don't miss it.

  2. I guess I live under a rock because I've never read any of Silva's books. Will have to rectify that!

    1. If you're going to try one, definitely go with The Unlikely Spy.