Monday, December 18, 2017

Close Enough to Touch, Part II

I told you at the end of Part 1 that I couldn't get it all into one post. Ergo, Part II.  I just had to quote a few passages from the book to show you how well-written it is (in case you don't believe me!).  Voila:

"...and when she stands up, I see that she's thin everywhere except her hips - her body looks like a snake that's just swallowed a rodent."
"But she runs hot and cold like a bipolar faucet..."
"...I lean toward it, putting my cheek in his palm like a desperate, feral cat in need of petting."
"And then I remember Ellie's words in the hospital, stuck in my mind like a pebble in a shoe."

She's got a definition of love that you're going to love.  I won't quote it now, but you'll know it, and like it, when you read it.

So I mentioned in Part I that there were a few places in the book that I could relate to.  Here they are:

1.  Jubilee's inability to be touched reminds me a little bit of a TV show that ran from late 2007 to early 2009 called Pushing Daisies.  Even though it was on for a short time, in 2015 it was voted as the #1 show for being cancelled too soon.
2.  There is a mention of a cookie called a snickerdoodle.  I don't know if I've told you this story or not.  But when our granddaughter Haley was very young, my wife took her on Fridays.  She always got her a snickerdoodle at a local bakery.  That was all fine and good...until Haley learned to talk.  One day when Joni and Haley were walking by the bakery with Haley's parents, Haley pointed to the bakery and yelled "Snickerdoodle."  Joni got in trouble.
3.  I did a review of Rachael Herron's book, The Ones Who Matter Most, in which I talk about the different definitions of "family."  That happens in Close Enough to Touch, too.  Take a look at my review of Rachael's book to see what I'm talking about:

You Want to Know What Family Is? Read: The Ones Who Matter Most, by Rachael Herron - NOW!

4.  This is another one I may have already told you about (the memory is a bit wispy right now!).  But, first, here's a passage from the book:  "So I need to wash her off, right?  That's the only way I'm getting her clean at this point.  I take her into Dinesh's bathroom, sit her in the sink, and turn on the water.  It's freezing cold."  I did that when my now 41-year old son was 1st born.  The nurse asked me to get some water so she could show us how to bathe a newborn.  I brought in cold water.  When she put her finger in the water, she turned to me and very acerbically said:  "Would you bathe in cold water?"  Not one of my finer moments!

I think I'm finally ready to wrap it up.  PLEASE let me know if you read this excellent book.  I will be extremely anxious to hear what you think. Plus, I'm a sucker for adulation, extolment, acclaim, and even a little sycophancy (I went to the Thesaurus for these), all of which will be coming to me when you finish Close Enough to Touch.


  1. I like all the connections you found. More reasons for me to see Pushing Daisies!

  2. I've enjoyed a few of Rachael Herron's novels - including The Ones Who Matter Most.

    1. If you haven't read Splinters of Light, you must do so immediately! (or whenever you can get to it). Pack Up the Moon is the other one that I know you will enjoy.

  3. I'm adding Close Enough to Touch to my wish list.

    1. Good call. We get so many recommendations from fellow bloggers that it's impossible to get to them all. But I think this one is a sure-fire winner.