Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Big Name Author Passes Away

Last Wednesday, Michael Palmer, author of 18 books, passed away at the age of 71.  Although I wasn't a reader of Tom Clancy's books, I have read every one of Vince Flynn's books (14)
and every one of Michael Palmer's books (18).  I will miss him a lot, and I know that so many other people will too.  Here are just a few of his books:

Oath of Office
A Heartbeat Away (my personal favorite)
The First Surgeon


  1. I am so sad about Michael's passing. I know we all have to go sooner or later, but when an author dies, I not only think about all the stories they left behind, but the stories they took with them.

  2. So sad. I've read a few of his books and met his son, also an author, at Bouchercon last year. He spoke so highly of his father.

  3. It's funny how you feel loss when it's an author that you read - even if you've never met that author. I felt the same with Vince Flynn's passing.