Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Pics from Recycle Bookstore

I've got 3 pictures to show you.  The 1st is The Book Sage cabinet at Recycle Books in Campbell.  On the top is our Recycle Book Club selection for October (Tuesday, 10/28). All of the other shelves contain the books that I recommend on Sunday mornings during the Farmer's Market.

This 2nd pic shows the books that are on the top shelf in the bookcase.  The 2 standing up on the far left are by the March RBC author, C. Lee McKenzie (Tuesday, 3/24).  She will be stopping by to talk about her YA (young adult) book, The Princess of Las Pulgas. To the right of that one is Free Spirit:  Growing up on the Road and off the Grid, by Joshua Safran.  He will be coming in November (Tuesday, 11/18).  Right next to that one is The Mathematician's Shiva, by Stuart Rojstaczer.  We will see him in January (Tuesday, 1/13).  And, finally, on the far right is Queen Sugar, by Natalie Baszile.  We will have the pleasure of her company in December (Tuesday, 12/2).  February will be a mystery/thriller writer, but we haven't picked/booked one yet.

And, finally, in the 3rd picture we have a close-up of Shelly King's The Moment of Everything.  We will be seeing Shelly 3 weeks from tomorrow night.  Even if you don't intend to come to the RBC meeting (although I know you want to!), you will still enjoy Shelly's book.  It's a very good read.

Yes, I see that it's too dark

FOOTNOTE (is that better then P.S.?):  In the 1st 2 pictures, you will notice a big book standing next to The Moment of Everything.  That is Lauri Pastrone's Share cookbook.  If you haven't already heard/seen me talk about this, it's a fantastic story.  The book consists of recipes from celebrities, famous chefs, and women in war-torn countries.  The proceeds from the book go to supporting these women through Women for Women International.  It's a great cause and doesn't require anything more than buying an excellent cookbook.  Recycle has got a bunch of them in the store.

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