Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another Fun Night at the RBC

Last night, the RBC had 84-year young Betty Auchard at Recycle Books.  She has 2 published books and a 3rd on the way.  But the one we read is The Home for the Friendless.  It's a memoir of her childhood growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The Home for the Friendless is actually a place where parents could drop off their kids for an indefinite period of time.  Betty and her 2 siblings had several stints in The Home.  And remember that this was during the Depression.  Pretty interesting stuff.

If you're looking for another Betty Auchard book to read, pick up Dancing in My Nightgown. These are musings from Betty's diary after she became a widow in her 60s.  Jayne Meadows, Steve Allen's wife, gave the quote on the front cover of the book.  She said that it was very comforting to her after Steve died.

Finally, a couple of pics from last night.

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