Saturday, June 6, 2015

Orphan Train

You all know what I thought of The Orphan Train (you have my permission to read my review from Jan. 30 of this year).  I loved it and gave it a 4/4.  Well, I just came across this upcoming event at the Tabard Theatre Company in San Jose.  So even though the Orphan Train ended in 1929, it still lives on.  Isn't that cool? 

P.S.  I don't know why the copy is all funky, with some lines being blocked off and others not.  Hopefully, you can read it. 

The Tabard Theatre Company is kicking off its 15th season in September 2015, with the world premiere of Homeward Bound: An Orphan Train Journey, and we need your HELP creating the production.

To ensure that Homeward Bound: An Orphan Train Journey is as authentic and honest as theatrically possible, Cathy, two of the young cast members, Ashley and Ginger, and their mothers will be attending the annual National Orphan Train Rider Celebration held at the Orphan Train Museum Complex in Concordia, Kansas, June 4-6, 2015.  This is a tremendous first-hand learning experience that they will be able to share with the rest of the cast and ultimately audiences everywhere.

Tabard is seeking $5,000 to cover our research and expenses associated with this trip for all five to attend.

This is a message from the artistic director of The Tabard Theater Company, Cathy Cassetta:

Of course we appreciate any donations to help us reach our goals but if you donate...

$100 or more, you will receive 2 tickets to the performance on opening weekend, Sept. 18-20.  

$1,000 or more, you can have a character or a referenced character in the play named after you or someone of your choosing.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to help make our trip to the Orphan Train museum and reunion possible!   


  1. I love it. My mom is 88 and remembers the orphan trains.

  2. That's very cool. I definitely had never heard of it until I read the book.