Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A New John Hart! - And A Contest

Great news!  I have told you all how much I like John Hart's books.  The 1st 2 I read - The King of Lies and Down River - were solid.  I liked them a lot and rated them 3/4.  Then I read his next 2 - The Last Child and Iron House - and thought they were completely terrific - 4/4.  In fact, I always have the 2-4.0s on my recommendation table on Sunday mornings - usually in the front row.

They are the 5th and 6th ones from left to right

Well, this past Sunday, one of my regular "customers" came by and wondered out loud when John would come out with his next book (his last one was published in 2011).  So, I went on John's website and emailed him that question.  Here's the answer I got back:

Hi Lloyd. Many thanks! My new book is called REDEMPTION ROAD and will be out next May. Cheers. John

How great is that?  I will, of course, remind you as the date gets closer.  And I will also let you know about any Bay Area appearances.  I've never seen him and hope that he gets out here next Spring.  IN THE MEANTIME, if you haven't at least read The Last Child and Iron House, you need to do that before next May.  If you do, you will be among the 1st to buy Redemption Road.  Trust me on this.

Now for the contest:  Esquire has come out with The 80 Best Books Every Man Should Read.  If you want to participate, email me at lloydrrussell@gmail.com with the names and number of books you've read from the list.  The winner will get to pick the book he/she wants (yes, women are eligible!).


Good luck.


  1. John Hart needs to come there just to see you!! I am woefully underread - I've only read 5 books from that list.

  2. Just finished Redemption Road - outstanding!

    1. Great to hear! Both Iron House and The Last Child were 4/4 for me. Can't wait to read the new one. Thanks for the shout-out.