Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lawyer Up - Kate Allure's #2

Back on December 15, I posted a review of a book called Playing Doctor, by Kate Allure.  I liked it.  It was 3 light erotic romances, each featuring a doctor.  Now Kate has another one. It's called Lawyer Up, and it's 3 stories again, this time, not surprisingly, with lawyers. Much of what I said the 1st time applies to this one too:

1.  I like the length of the stories - they range from 55 to 110 pages.
2.  I like the fact that each book relates to a specific profession.
3.  I like that the women and men in these stories are equals.

But there's one big difference in this book.  And that is story #3.  I enjoyed the 3 stories of Playing Doctor and the 1st 2 stories of Lawyer Up equally well.  But the 3rd story of Lawyer Up is the 1st one that features people a little bit older.  Patricia is 44 and a lawyer.  And Emmit is 54 and a judge.  I guess the fact that they are closer in age to me (although still considerably younger!) allowed me to connect a little bit easier.  But besides the age connection, or perhaps because of the age connection, I found myself laughing and smiling a bunch.  Coincidence?  Beats me.

But, most importantly, I like the stories, and I like the writing.  And even though I'm certainly not philosophically and intellectually opposed to a little physical romance(!), the stories do stand on their own merits.  Bottom line?  I recommend both books.  Playing Doctor is already available, and Lawyer Up will be purchase-able August 4.  Have fun, people.

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