Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ann Bridges' Launch + 2 Announcements

Well, today was the launch for Ann Bridges' Private Offerings.  She did a meet and greet/signing at Barnes & Noble on Stevens Creek in San Jose.  She's got a lot more appearances scheduled.  I've already listed those in an earlier post (9/6).  Here are a few pictures from earlier today, including one of Ann with another Balcony7 author, who is looking at a Spring 2016 pub date for his children's book, Little Boy Soup.  His name is Josh Russell, and he happens to be my son.  Nepotism, you cry?  Absolutely...not! He got his contract with Balcony7 without any (lack of) influence from his father.

Onward with the pictures.

I also mentioned in the title that I've got a couple of announcements:

1.  I'm going to extend the top-3 all-time timeline.  The lists are still coming in.  So let's give it another week.  The new (and final) deadline is next Wednesday, September 23.

2.  I have already told you that JoJo Moyes is going to be in Pleasanton on Monday night, October 5, promoting her new book, After You, the sequel to Me Before You.  Towne Center Books is sponsoring the event.  Initially, JoJo was going to be at the Firehouse Arts Center. But because of the response, they have to move it to a bigger site.  It will now be at the Amador Theater, located at 1155 Santa Rita Road, also in Pleasanton.  You can still contact Towne Center Books and reserve your space (it's only $10/person!).

COMING UP:  My next post will be a review of Vanessa Diffenbaugh's new book, We Never Asked for Wings.  Spoiler alert - I really liked it a lot.

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