Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another Local Author Hits the Bookshelves - Private Offerings by Ann Bridges

Do you want to know the inside story of IPOs and how they might connect to the Shanghai Stock Market?  Yes, you say?  Did you know that Ann Bridges' book, Private Offerings, is so topical that the Mercury News followed a story about the Chinese stock market recently - and it was AFTER Ann's book was already written and being printed.  How cool is that?

The back of the book gives a very quick synopsis:  "Top-secret technology, up for sale, coveted by competing interests across the globe.  Wall Street financiers clash with government interests - both domestic and Chinese - throwing a monkey wrench onto the path of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur about to cash in on his dream of a lifetime."

If this seems like a complex storyline...well, it is.  But is it tough to understand?  No it's not. Ann writes a story that is at the same time intricate and easy to follow.  It's fun to feel like an insider in this financial/high tech world.  But, wait...there's more.  We also get romance and some bad guys.

So, if we're dealing in high tech and IPOs and other financial stuff, then it must be dry, right?  WRONG!  I definitely got caught up in the relationships.  Don't quote me, but it's possible that I shed a tear or two.  Gasp!  A real shocker (yeah, right).  I'm really looking forward to sitting down with Ann and getting the details of her background.  I want to know how she knows all of this stuff.  And when I do get her history, I will pass it on to all of you.

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