Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's Potpourri/Hodgepodge/GrabBag Time

I've got a bunch of my (in)famous stuff.  Here it goes.  It's in some particular order.

1.  Ann Bridges, local author and RBC member, hits the stores with her 1st published novel, Private Offerings, next Tuesday, September 15.  Here is her book tour schedule:

9/17 -   Barnes & Noble, Stevens Creek Blvd., San Jose,  4-7 (book launch)
9/19 -   Barnes & Noble, Hillsdale, 11-3
9/23 -   Books, Inc., Mt. View, 7-8
9/26 -   Barnes & Noble, Almaden Plaza, San Jose, 12-3
9/27 -   Recycle Books, Campbell, 9-12
10/8 -   Barnes & Noble, Eastridge, San Jose, 7-9
10/14 - Books, Inc., Palo Alto, 7-8
10/18 - Livermore Public Library Civic Center, 2-4

Ann will also be our RBC author on Wednesday, December 16.

2.  On August 22, I posted pics and a blurb from Vanessa Diffenbaugh's appearance in Oakland, where she was promoting her 2nd book, We Never Asked for Wings (I'm on page 73, and enjoying it).  Well, now I've got more news about Vanessa.  SHE WILL BE OUR RBC AUTHOR NEXT APRIL!  Vanessa will be coming to Recycle Books (or maybe a larger venue nearby, if necessary) on April 28, and will be answering questions and signing copies of The Language of Flowers.  Since it's in my top-12 all-time, I was more interested in using that one than her new one.  She is fine with that.

3.  Since we've got some great authors lined up for the RBC over the next 8 months (including September but excluding February), I thought I would post the schedule.  And heeeeeeeeere it is:

Thursday, September 24 - Herb of Grace by Adina Senft (Shelley Bates)
Tuesday, October 27 - Breathless in Love by Jennifer Skully and Bella Andre (Jennifer will be in-store along with Shelley Bates, their editor - Bella will be calling in)
Thursday, November 19 - Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne
Wednesday, December 16 - Private Offerings by (the aforementioned) Ann Bridges
Tuesday, January 19 - The Angels' Share by Rayme Waters
February - TBD (our Feb. author just had to cancel - we will replace her)
Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, March 29, 30, or 31 - Murder on the Champs de Mars by Cara Black (she has to see what her schedule looks like as we get closer)
Thursday, April 28 - The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Pretty cool, eh?

4.  I was back at Recycle Books this morning after missing the previous 2 Sundays.  It was a great day.  Not only did I sell 6 books, but I got to talk to a bunch of people - both regulars and as well as newbies.  I even saw a young woman from North Carolina who had stopped by the table with her sister several months ago.
She came back, with her sister and mom, to see what was new on the table.  Here's what I sold:

The Language of Flowers (2), Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  I told everybody that Vanessa is our RBC author for April.
Me Before You, JoJo Moyes.  I will be seeing her on October 5 in Pleasanton, promoting her new book, the sequel to MBY, called After You.
The Pact, Jodi Picoult.  This is one of my 3 favorite Picoults, along with My Sister's Keeper and The Storyteller.
Wish You Well, David Baldacci.  This is in my top 12 all-time (along with Language and Winter of the World).
Winter of the World, Ken Follett.  This is book 2 in Follett's Century Trilogy.

5.  I'm sure you've all seen previews of Matt Damon's new movie, The Martian.  The author, Andy Weir, is a Bay Area guy.  And he will be appearing live by video on November 10 for the Los Gatos Library's Evening Book Club.  Can't wait.  And in case you haven't read The Martian, it's a really good book (take a look at my review from January 19 of this year).

6.  Finally (you probably thought this post would never end!), I recently read a quote from Lee Child that I thought was pretty interesting.  He said:  "Writing is show business for shy people."

That's it for now, people.  Whether you buy print books, ebooks, audiobooks, or get any and all of these from your local library, it's really important to KEEP READING!



  1. Love this quote: "Writing is show business for shy people."

  2. I finished We Never Asked for Wings this week and I liked it a lot but not as much as The Language of Flowers. Of course, it'll be tough to top that book.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. I'm 2/3 of the way through and am really liking it. At this point, it's a 3.5/4. But since Language is in my top 12 all-time, the bar is set just too darn high.

  3. Wait a minute! I see I've been living under a rock. A sequel to Me Before You?!?!? That just made my night :)