Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another Successful RBC Meeting

This past Wednesday night, we had our March RBC meeting.  Terry Shames, author of a series featuring a 60s-something retired sheriff from a small town in Texas, came to talk about book 1 - A Killing at Cotton Hill.  Here is the report I sent to the RBC members:

So let me begin a recap of Wednesday night by telling you that 16 RBC members read and rated the book.  And the average score was 3.675.  That is outrageously high.  Everybody liked it.  In fact, Terry brought a number of other books in the series that sold like proverbial hotcakes.  And on top of all that, she was super interesting.  She answered our questions and added a few on-point anecdotes for emphasis.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

Just a couple of notes from Terry:
1.  Sophie Littlefield (who once came to Village House of Books) and Sheldon Siegel (who is coming to the RBC at Recycle Books in October) were both huge inspirations for Terry when she was starting out.
2.  Terry said the average number of books that authors write before getting anything published is 8-9.  For Terry it was a mere 6.
3.  Terry also said that her grandfather was her inspiration for the chief protagonist, and that her son was the inspiration for the prequel, which just came out a couple of months ago.

Here are a couple of pics from the meeting:

Next Meeting:  We actually have 2 meetings in April.  Katie Hafner, author of the memoir Mother Daughter Me, was supposed to come late last year but had to cancel.  She is now rescheduled for Wednesday, April 26.  And our regularly scheduled April author, Susan Sherman, author of If You Are There, will be coming on Thursday, April 20.  This is a very exciting month!

VHoB:  Village House of Books in Los Gatos closed its doors this past Tuesday, March 21.  If there is any hopeful news, it's that they are looking for another location.  Let's all hope they find one.  None of us want to see any independent bookstore going out of business.


  1. I love that the protagonist of her book is *ahem* mature and that her grandfather was her inspiration. What a fun meeting!

    1. After 39 of them (plus 1 phone-in call that didn't work too well), this was right up there in terms of member appreciation of the book and the author.

  2. What a great book club this sounds like! A lot of work to organize, but well worth it for the members, and the authors, too. I'll have to check out Terry Shames' books.

    1. It's definitely worth reading book 1 to see if you like it. I had one member who emailed me over the weekend to say that she had purchased book 2 from the author Wednesday night and had already read it. It didn't grab me that strongly, but it sure did most of the other members who came to see her.