Thursday, August 22, 2013

New List of Local Authors - Still Love 'em!

Since the time I posted the list of local authors (on March 21 of this year) that I know (or, at least, have read), I have come across a bunch more.  It has become necessary (sorry for the formality of the wording) to do a new roster.  So, I give you the updated list of local authors that I am in contact with (for you English teachers and others with high sensibilities, I do NOT apologize for ending the sentence with a preposition!).  I happily have to say that the list swelled, in part, due to last Sunday's Litquake event.

Adair, Marina
Alexander, Cassie
Ballou, Mardi
Barrett, Elisabeth
Black, Cara
Blackwell, Juliet
Butler, Katy
Clayton, Meg Waite
Dart, Julie
DePaul, Virna
Eisler, Barry
Emil, Paul
Franklin-Willis, Amy
Steve Gore
Guzeman, Tracy
Hafner, Katie
Haynes, Jasmine
Jayne, Hannah
Kirschman, Ellen
LaPlante, Alice
Lakin, Rita
Bette Golden & J.J. Lamb
Lamott, Ann
Lavigne, Michael
Lukas, Michael David
Michel, Debbie
Petrocelli, Bill
Raffel, Keith
Senft, Adina
Siegel, Sheldon
Silverberry, A.R.
Sloan, Robin
Sporleder, Steve
Swan, Joan
Sweet, Victoria
Talbert, Clint
Waters, Rayme
Wecker, Helene

As before, if I left anybody out, my bad.  And let's keep this list growing.  There is nothing more satisfying for me than to discover a new local author - especially when I like their books!

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