Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Round 8 of Recommendations

I guess I spoke a little too quickly last week.  It's true that I don't have 25 - but I do have 22 - in just 1 week!  Remember that I'm only listing books that have been highly rated. For those who rate on a 5- star system, that means 4.5 or 5.  And for those who rate on a 10-star system, it's a 9 or 10.  These are obviously books that people REALLY LIKED A LOT! So here's the next batch.  And all of the recommenders are bloggers unless I specify otherwise (aren't you glad you know that?).

Sarah Maas, Crown of Midnight (#2, Throne of Glass series), YA mature fantasy - book'd
JoJo Mayes, The Girl You Left Behind, historical/contemporary fiction - Amused by Books
   & Rhapsody in Books
Shannon Hale, Austenland, geared to Jane Austen fans, humor and fantasy - Diary of an
Mia March, Finding Colin Firth, contemporary fiction - Bookfan
Keith Houston, Shady Characters:  The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols, and Other
   Typographical Marks, history of punctuation - Quirky Bookworm
Ella Berthold & Susan Elderkin, The Novel Cure:  From Abandonment to Zestlessness:
   751 Books to Cure What Ails You, novels as cures - Quirky Bookworm
Jennifer Armentrout, Obsidian (#1), aliens - Tangled in Pages
Joline Petersheim, The Outcast - Tales of Whimsy
Julie Kagawa, The Eternity Cure, sequel - Feed Your Fiction Addiction
Anne Pfeffer, Girls Love Travis Walker - Feed Your Fiction Addiction
Dawna Raver, Colour Wielders - Feed Your Fiction Addiction
Brigid Kemmerer, Storm - Feed Your Fiction Addiction
Matt Haig, The Humans, science fiction - Under My Apple Tree
A.J. Paquette, Paradox, futuristic, action-packed - Ryan, on-line 12-year old reader
Jonathan Litton & Thomas Flintham, Mesmerizing Math, math made fun for 7-10 year
   olds - Rhapsody in Books
Kathi Appelt, The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, 8 and up - Booking Mama
Robert Munsch & Sheila McGraw, Love You Forever, picture book for new parents -
   Carole P. Roman, author
Erika Robuck, Call Me Zelda, historical fiction - BermudaOnion
Kat Zhang, What's Left of Me (#1, The Hybrid Chronicles), YA - Tangled in Pages
Charles Graeber, The Good Nurse, true crime - BermudaOnion
Samantha Shannon, The Bone Season, paranormal/dystopian - book'd out
Marie Lavender, Upon Your Return, historical romance - Johnnie-Marie Howard -
   Amazon reviewer

There you have it.  Hope you find something to read from this group.  See you next week.


  1. A lot of those titles are new to me, but a few aren't. I can't wait to tell Ryan you included his recommendation - he'll be thrilled!

  2. Heck yes. It's all about the review, not the age of the reviewer!