Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top-Earning Authors of 2013 (aren't we still in 2013?), From Forbes, No Less

Forbes has come out with the top-earning authors of 2013.  The most significant change at the top is that James Patterson (you all know what I think about his stuff!) has been knocked down to #2 from his usual perch at #1.  Here are the top 16 and the amount of money they earned:

1.    E.L. James (50 Shades trilogy) - $95M
2.    James Patterson - $91M
3.    Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games trilogy) - $55M
4.    Bill O'Reilly - $28M
5.    Danielle Steel - $26M
6.    Jeff Kinney (of Wimpy Kid fame) - $24M
7.    Janet Evanovich - $24M
8.    Nora Roberts - $23M
9.    Dan Brown - $22M
10.  Stephen King - $20M
11.  Dean Koontz - $20M
12.  John Grisham (stopped reading his novels after he messed up the ending in The
       Firm back in 1991)
13.  David Baldacci - $15M
14.  Rick Riordan (author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) - $14M
15.  J.K. Rowling - $13M
16.  George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) - $12M

I have to admit that this is the 1st time I have ever seen a list like this.  Even though I'm really sorry that Patterson is there - and so high up - the rest seem deserving.


  1. I saw this too and found it rather scary that so many people joined the hype and bought 50 Shades of Nothing!

  2. I was actually surprised that 50 Shades was written better than I expected it to be. At the same time, it was no great shakes. And the subject matter was kind of dumb. I have become friends with a local (Northern California) author, Jasmine Haynes, who writes erotic romance. Her stories actually have substance to them and are well-written. yet, she's not getting E.L. James kind of notice. It seems unfair.

  3. Omg -I laughed out loud when I say your note on number 12 - apparently you and I are the only ones though!

  4. I thought I was the only one. I'm glad to know there is at least one other person out there that agrees with me. I do have to admit, though, that I read a couple of his novellas and enjoyed those.