Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Miscellaneous, Musings, and ONE BIG CORRECTION

Okay, let's get to the correction first.

1.  Seth Rosenfeld is coming THURSDAY at 7:00 to VHOB, not Wednesday.  Don't ask me how I got that mixed up.  The 3 places where I keep these dates all said Thursday. There's simply no explanation/excuse for it (except the obvious, and that's just too scary to consider!).

2.  I had a couple of people tell me that they didn't do very well on the 1st line contest. But nobody actually emailed me with answers.  Therefore, there are no winners.  Let's try it again.  I'll give you all another week, from today, to email me answers.  My email address is lloydrrussell@gmail.com.

3.  Anita Diamant is coming to the JCC, Los Gatos, on Feb. 20, at 7:00.  She is the author of The Red Tent, and she will be in conversation with Rabbi Daniel Pressman.  There is a very good chance that VHOB will be a part of the festivities.

4.  I have recently interviewed Jana McBurney-Lin and will blog about it in the next few days.  Jana is the author of the award-winning My Half of the Sky, along with Blossoms and Bayonets.  The 1st is pure fiction, and the 2nd is fiction based on a true story.

5.  If you missed seeing Nate Jackson, author of Slow Getting Up, when he appeared at VHOB during the holidays, you have another chance coming up.  On February 11, a week from today, he will be at Kepler's, in Menlo Park, at 7:30.  He is definitely worth seeing/hearing, and his book is terrific.

6.  As you all know by now, on Feb. 18, Amy Franklin-Willis, author of The Lost Saints of Tennessee, will be at VHOB at 7:15.  Her book is our VHOB Book Club selection of the month, but everybody is welcome to see her, whether or not you're part of the book club. You've all heard me rave about it.  You all know I gave it a 4.0.  Well, today, one of our very best authors, Beth Hoffman, asked me to tell Amy how much she enjoyed Saints.  Do you believe me now?

7.  We've got a very eclectic schedule of author visits in March.
     March 6 - Rayme Waters and Karen Joy Fowler - both authors' books will be featured
         for the March VHOB Book Club, and both authors will be appearing at the
         bookstore at 7:15.  Of course, we encourage everybody to come see them.
     March 7 - Kathleen Gonzalez has written a walking tour of Venice based on
         Casanova's life.
     March 13 - Betty Auchard will be discussing her memoir about her childhood.
     March 21 - Bill Joyce, author, and Joe Bluhm, illustrator, will be coming to talk about
         their children's book, The Fabulous Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  They
         are part of Silicon Valley Reads for 2014.
     The last week of March is author-less because MY DAUGHTER IS GETTING

Okay, I'm done.  You can now go back to your regularly scheduled lives.


  1. You have a whole lot of exciting things going on, Lloyd. Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding!

  2. Thanks, and especially something exciting 4 days after my daughter's wedding! Can't wait.

  3. ok, ok. I'll try your contest (mainly because I'm copmpetitive, not greedy. I think)