Friday, February 28, 2014

Series That I'm Currently Reading - and Enjoying

As I recently mentioned, I’ve got a few series that I would recommend.  Some of them started a while ago and some are pretty new.  Today, I will only list the ones that are still current.  And they’re listed in the order that they came to my head (I know, scary).  Tomorrow I’ll list some series that I really liked but that have ended.  It doesn’t mean you can’t read them just because they’re done!

1.  Jeffrey Archer’s The Clifton Chronicles.  Next month will be the 4th book (of 5, I think) in this series.  Archer started it in 2011 and has written 1 book each year.  It centers on Harry Clifton, the son (allegedly) of a dockworker in England.  #1 takes place between 1920-1940.  Succeeding books follow his life and the life of his family.

2.  Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy.  He wrote the 1st one in 2010, 2nd one in 2012, and the 3rd one will be coming out in September.  Book 2, Winter of the World, has made my top 12 all-time.  The 1st one, Fall of Giants, also very good, follows 5 families from different parts of the world and how they interact during WWI.  Book 2 takes those 5 families through WWII.  Can’t wait for #3.

3.  Sheldon Siegel’s Mike Daley, with his law partner, ex-wife Rosie.  Every one of these books is a murder mystery with the courtroom thrown in.  And, as a bonus, all of the action takes place in San Francisco.  (Sheldon has also written his 1st book about David Gold, Chicago detective.  It looks like it will be another good series) 

4.  Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series stays strong each and every time.  His latest novel, from last year, The English Girl, got a 3.5 from me.  Everybody knows who Allon is. 

5.  W.E.B. Griffin’s Presidential Agent, his latest military series, is as good as his others.  And even though the one I just finished and reviewed, Hazardous Duty, had a couple of flaws, I will still snatch up all subsequent books in this series.

6.  Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon.  Just because everybody on the planet reads Brown’s books doesn’t mean they aren’t really good.  Confession:  I haven’t read #4, Inferno, yet.  But I have it in my TBR pile.  I definitely enjoyed 1-3.

8.  David Baldacci’s Will Robie, government hit man.  Even though Baldacci has only written 2 books in this series, I really like the character.  Book 1, where the hit man collaborates with a 14-year old female runaway, was genius.  Book 2 was not as good but still every enjoyable.

9.  Barry Eisler’s John Rain is one of my all-time favorite series.  Speaking of hit men, Rain is a half-American, half-Japanese hit man who is hired by international companies to assassinate opponents.  His methods are very creative.

10. Sam Eastland's Inspector Pekkala series is extremely entertaining.  Eastland has written 5 books, and I've only read 3.  I have no explanation, except that it somehow got away from me.  The stories center on an  ex-secret agent for the tsar who is banished to Siberia in 1918 during the Bolshevik Revolution.  His subsequent assignments are very cool.

Here’s a list of a few others that I don’t like as well but still read:

Alex Berenson – John Wells
Terry Brooks – Landover (fantasy)
David Rosenfelt – Andy Carpenter
James Grippando – Jack Swytek
Greg Iles – Penn Cage  
Steve Berry - Cotton Malone
W.E.B. Griffin (yes, the same) – Cletus Frade
Nelson DeMille - John Corey

PROGRAM NOTE:  After I post those that have ended, I will have a 3rd post that lists series that I stopped reading, for 1 reason or another.

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