Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Authors Still Coming in April to VHOB

We've got 3 events left for the month of April.  So far, we've had:

Beth Hoffman - by phone from Kentucky for the VHOB Book Club
Erica Goss - conducting a workshop for National Poetry Month
Jan Harwood - who brought her singing Raging Nannies from over the hill
Tracy Guzeman - for the VHOB Book Club
Kim Yen Nguyen - talking about her experiences coming from Viet Nam during the war AND raising 3 autistic children
Joni Russell - signing her book, The Everything Baby Shower Book, 2nd Edition, as the co-author

Still to come:

Thursday, April 24, we've got Jenn Castro, author of Mom Me.  Here's a little blurb with a cover picture:

Jennifer Castro has always written — on napkins, backs of envelopes, and in newspapers, diaries, and journals. MOM*ME is her first published book. Although most of the material for MOM*ME came from her children, it also was inspired by early childhood picture books, and sandbox, mudpie, and block play at a parent-run nursery school. When Jennifer is not writing books, she’s homeschooling her two children and urban homesteading with her husband in California.

Tuesday, April 29, we will be visited by Edward Mendez, who is visiting from New Mexico, and who has written a novel about a family in Santa Fe.

Wednesday, April 30, Kate Mitchell will be at VHOB, talking about her book, Fashioning Women.  Here's a synopsis of what her book is about:

Fashioning Women is a sendup and dressing down of the fashion industry and the expectations about women’s beauty that are imbedded in American culture. By turns funny and provocative, the book features original “faux” couture and artwork by the author, along with parodies and mock advertisements. All together, Fashioning Women is a commentary on women’s valiant response to achieve the feminine ideal, regardless of its impossibility.

Come join the fun.  Hopefully, we'll see many of you there for these last 3 events of the month.

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