Thursday, April 24, 2014

My List of 4.25's (you can go ahead and make fun)

I've got 12 books that are right below my top 12 all-time.  They're better than your average 4.0 (how can a 4.0 be average?) but not as good as a 4.5.  Onward:

1.    Conroy, Pat - Beach Music (he's already got 2 books in the top 12 - this one takes
       place over 3 generations
2.    Follett, Ken - Fall of Giants (#1 The Century Trilogy - book #2 is in the top 12)
3.    Follett, Ken - World without End (sequel to Pillars of the Earth - Pillars is in top 3 ever)
4.    Franklin-Willis, Amy - The Lost Saints of Tennessee (February VHOB Book Club
5.    Hart, John - Iron House (this guy is an ace)
6.    Hart, John - The Last Child (twice)
7.    Hoffman, Beth - Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (April 1 phone-in VHOB Book Club
8.    Ludlum, Robert - The Matarese Circle (the best cold war book I've read - top U.S.
       spy and top Soviet spy, mortal enemies, have to collaborate)
9.    Patterson, Richard North - Exile (a Jewish lawyer, 20 years out of law school,
       defends a former Palestinian law school classmate/girlfriend who is accused of
       assassinating the Israeli prime minister
10.  Picoult, Jodi - The Storyteller (I've read them all - this is the best)
11.  Uris, Leon - Exodus (1958 - the story of Israel's war of independence)
12.  Wallace, Irving - The Plot (1967 - a story about a number of individuals with individual
       stories who come together for the climax)

13.  Follett, Ken - Edge of Eternity (#3 in the Century Trilogy)

I PROMISE that there will be no 4.125 list or 4.375 list.  I SWEAR IT!


  1. I enjoy Pat Conroy's books. Haven't read this one, but guess I'll have to.

  2. Yeah, it's almost as good as South of Broad and My Losing Season.