Saturday, June 21, 2014

A FANTASTIC Book Launch at VHOB This Past Wednesday Night

Boy, did we have a great event at VHOB on Wednesday night.  Bryan Kramer, the social media guru, launched his book, Human to Human:  H2H.  We had a gigantic crowd (50-60, perhaps?) and an enthusiastic one, too.  From 6 (actually 5:30) to 7, we had food and wine/water outside on the patio.  Everybody partook.

At 7, we went inside.  Brian gave a 20-30 minute presentation, followed by Q&A and a whole bunch of signing.  Rumor has it that we sold 37 of Bryan's books (plus a bunch more besides).  Joni and I went out to dinner while the event was still going on.  When we passed by the store after dinner, Steve was still working on getting the garbage cans loaded.  And it was 9:40!

I want to thank Bryan and his amazing team at Pure Matter - Courtney (who's also his wife), Tracy, Joey, and Ryan.  They brought the wine (VHOB took care of the food) and communicated with me regularly from inception to the night of.  And I have to say that we all did a darn good job!

I've got some pictures I will post here.  But I'm going to put a bunch more on Facebook. Lots of fun.

Bryan's mom, wife, high school English teacher

Bryan with book and buyer

1 of 2 areas where people congregated inside

2nd area

Bryan signing after presentation/Q&A


  1. I love how y'all at VHOB are rocking the author events!

    1. You're right. We are rocking some great author events - except for the one that I'm still holding out hope for! (no guilt though)

  2. Wow that had to be one impressive signing.

  3. Wish I lived closer to a bookstore like this!