Friday, June 27, 2014

Mystery vs. Thriller - A Literary Event (what other kind would there be?) at Kepler's

Last Saturday, from 1-5:30, Kepler's hosted an event addressing the question of mystery vs. thriller.    They had quite a lineup of authors, including a number of authors that we've had at Village House of Books:  Keith Raffel, Sheldon Siegel, Cara Black, and Ellen Kirshman.  They also had Barry Eisler, whose John Rain series is one of my favorites, that I'm trying to convince to come to VHOB.  And they had Laurie R. King, who will be one of our keynote speakers at the Literary Fair, August 23.  Yes, I know that I haven't told you about this event yet.  More details will follow in the next couple of days.  It's going to be some kind of party!

Below are a few pictures from the Kepler's event, courtesy of Angela Mann.  And let me add this:  I love Kepler's!  They have such great events.  (Remember the book swap that Joni and I went to a couple of months ago?  That was way cool.)

Barry Eisler, Keith Raffel

Laurie R. King (in the blue blouse), Alan Jacobson (an author I met at the event), and Sheldon Siegel

All of the participating authors (including Ellen Kirschman, middle row, left)

Cara Black (standing), unknown, Ellen

Cara (far left), Laurie (standing), Alan, Sheldon

Cara, unknown, Laurie, Alan


  1. Lloyd, the blonde "unknown" woman on the panel with Laurie, Cara, Sheldon, and Alan is the great Catriona McPherson. Winner of Agatha, Macavity, Bruce Alexander awards. You have read her books, right?

  2. No, I haven't. I am obviously a troglodyte that deserves to be inducted into the Readers' Hall of Shame! Having said that, and recognizing that we don't always agree (except when I'm showing you some Fine book club love), which one of her books would you recommend that I read first?