Sunday, June 8, 2014

Welcome to Another Post of: "What the Heck Is He Talking About This Time?"

That's right.  I've got another potpourri of info for you.  I'll avoid the snark and go right to it (this time):

1.  Ann Gelder will be launching her book, Bigfoot and the Baby, at Village House of Books on Thursday night, June 26.  Here are a couple of snippets from a review written by Allyce Amidon of Foreword Review-"great books independent voices:"  If you want to read the whole review, here's the link -

Ann Gelder’s debut, Bigfoot and the Baby, is a delightful black satire. Playing with themes of belonging and belief, Gelder examines the interplay of capitalism and religion in 1980s America.

Gelder has a flair for language, and her writing is equally peppered with humor.

2.  This coming Friday night, June 13 (yes, I realize it's Friday the 13th), the 3 authors of Legendary Locals of Los Gatos will be coming to VHOB.  On top of that, we have contacted 6 or 7 of the locals that are in the book and who still live in Los Gatos (I didn't try to get a hold of those from the 1800's and early 1900's).  Hopefully, a couple of them will be available to attend and sign books along with the authors.

3.  From July 24-July 27, there will be a mystery writers conference at Book Passage in Corte Madera.  The faculty is pretty impressive.  It includes (you're not going to believe this lineup!) Isabel Allende, Ace Atkins, Cara Black, Tom Rob Smith, Rhys Bowen, John Lescroart, Anne Perry, and Laurie King, among others, and our old friend, Sheldon Siegel, who is the conference chair.  It's an annual event, and if you are interested in checking it out, here's the link:  Mystery Writers Conference or google Book Passage, Corte Madera, events and conferences. 

4.  I know this is very short notice (I only found out yesterday), but Tom Rob Smith will actually be at Book Passage in Corte Madera Tuesday night at 7:00.  Smith is the author of the trilogy starting with Child 44.  In fact, Child 44 is in Volume I of my Fiction for the Non-Fiction Reader (2/19/11).  And book 2, The Secret Speech, made my FFTNFR, Volume III (4/7/12).  Smith has got a new book/series, and this is book 1, The Farm.  I will somehow get there, despite how enormously inconvenient it is to drive from Los Gatos to Corte Madera on a week night.  Oh, the plight of the OCD book blogger.

5.  Yesterday, I said that you had only last night and today to vote for Balcony 7 as the publishing company picked by Crowdfunding for a $200,000 capital infusion.  I found out today that the voting goes on until the 12th.  Again I will say that this publisher is up and coming, and I strongly recommend voting for Balcony 7. 



  1. You have a ton of news here today. I'm going to miss the Friday 13th, darn it. And I already have the book, so hoped to have the authors sign it for me. I'll pop over and vote for Balcony 7.

  2. Very cool. Thanks. Sorry we'll miss you Friday.

  3. Very excited about Bigfoot and the Baby! Read an ARC and loved it.

  4. Good to know, Shelly. With that endorsement, I'm going to have to read it. I'll get it on the 26th from Ann and then add it to my TBR pile.

    P.S. I'm getting closer to posting a review of your book. I liked it a lot.